How to add a second language in windows 11

This is how to add a language in Windows 11

First, go to the settings from the search bar or right-click on the windows icon.

How to add a second language on windows 11

The second step, go to time and language and after language and region.

How to add a second language on windows 11

When you click language and region you will see a menu – preferred languages and a blue button that says Add a language.

How to add a second language on windows 11

Choose the language you want to install, you must wait 1-5 minutes to download the data and you are ready to use your secondary language, you can set it as primary or secondary and change between languages by pressing alt and shit together.

Second language on windows 11

Video tutorial.

How many languages does Windows 11 support?

Windows 11 languages have increased from 38 to 43 and include 5 LIP languages (ca-ES, eu-ES, gl-ES, id-ID, vi-VN).

What are Windows 11 framework necessities?

Clients who need to introduce Windows 11 will require somewhat new gadgets – – i.e., those planned and sold beginning in 2019. On the off chance that gadgets are more established, clients will not have the option to introduce the operating system. Qualified gadgets ought to be running Windows 10, variant 20H1, or later. Windows 11 will likewise be accessible on viable new gadgets.

To introduce or move up to Windows 11, devices should meet the accompanying least framework necessities:

Processor. Need 1 GHz or quicker with at least two centers on a viable 64-bit processor or framework on a chip.
RAM. Need 4 GB or more.
Hard plate space. Requires 64 GB or more accessible stockpiling. Clients could require additional extra room to download refreshes and empower specific elements.
Graphics card. Viable with DirectX 12 or later with a Windows Show Driver Model 2.0 driver.
Framework firmware. Requires Brought together Extensible Firmware Connection point and is Secure Boot proficient.
Confided in Stage Module. Need to have TPM variant 2.0.
Display. Has a top quality (720p) show, a 9-inch screen or bigger, and 8 pieces for each variety channel.
Web association. Clients should be associated with the web to perform refreshes, download and utilize specific highlights. They likewise need Microsoft records and web availability to set up their gadgets whenever they first use Windows 11 Home release.

How frequently will Windows 11 update?

Windows 11 will get month-to-month quality updates and gradual updates to Windows items. This incorporates bug fixes, highlight upgrades, and security fixes.

In any case, there will be another component update rhythm for Windows 11. These updates incorporate new elements, as well as every one of the past quality updates. Microsoft will just deliver one significant Windows 11 component update every year, in the final part of each scheduled year.

The Windows 11 element rhythm contrasts with that of Windows 10. Microsoft discharges Windows 10 element refreshes two times per year, around Spring and September.

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